• Business Continuity Planning / Disaster Recovery

    Today’s complex and ever changing business environment makes it difficult to keep your most vital business functions running smoothly. Our practitioners understand the importance of control and fiscal responsibility and have directed Business Continuity Planning from inside major companies. We understand how to engage and link Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Programs and Management to the specific business requirements of your organization.

    Services we provide:

    • Allocation of effort and assets based upon business value and stakeholder expectations
    • Business Continuity for Manufacturing, Corporate Business functions, and Research and Development
    • Development of company specific Business Continuity requirements and vocabulary
    • Integration of Business Continuity Programs with Health, Safety & Environment and Security, Crisis, and Incident Management Processes


    Regulatory issues, product development delays, supplier interruptions, the always possible natural catastrophe, and a host of physical perils are all examples of events that can cause slowdown, shutdown, or interruption to your business. There are always new unforeseen risks which can significantly negatively impact your operations. Lack of internal information sharing only makes the task more challenging. Each department has competing priorities that may adversely impact a cohesive plan.


    CRL aims to protect the core of your business operations for today and for your tomorrow. CRL works with all of the major global BCP standards and will assist your company to develop a program that fits your unique needs. We have worked with a number of the more common tools used to support BCP and can also help introduce some new options into your organization in order to optimize your processes and systems.